The Australian Beach Handball Championships is the biggest event for Beach Handball in Australia. It features the best and most talented players from all over the country.

Handball West, WA's state Handball organisation, is playing host to the event in 2014, and games will be played at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre.

Teams have been entered in two tiers of competition-

  • Championships Trophy – features the best and talented players and teams from each state (male and female divisions)
  • Championships Cup – social competition (mixed competition)

Games will be played from the Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th of February.

We welcome all interstate teams to Perth for the competition, and encourage anyone to come down and check out the games!

Tournament Results

Men's Championship

1 - East Melbourne Spartans
2 - Tang
3 - WA Gold

Women's Championship

1 - Tang
2 - MBHC
3 - WA Foxes

Mixed Cup

1 - Tang
2 - NT Harbourside
3 - Monash

Australian Teams - Exhibition Matches

Grab your lunch and head back to the Amphitheatre at 1pm on Friday (women) and Saturday (men) to watch the Australian National squads play exhibition matches.

What is beach handball?

You've made it this far. But what actually is beach handball? Here's a quick explanation from WA and Australian women's team member Bronwyn Smith.

Beach Handball is a spin on traditional indoor European Handball, a sport that is hugely popular on most continents of the world and is played in the Olympic Games. Teams consists of 8 players, with 4 on court at once. High skill and fitness levels are necessary because of the sand court, which measures 27 x 12m, including a 6m goal area at either end.

Beach Handball is an extremely spectator-friendly sport as "trick shots" are worth double points, making the already fast-paced game spectacular to watch. A 360 degree spin shot and a Kempa (alley-oop to another player who catches the ball and then releases in air) are both ways to score two points instead of one.

Beach Handball is beginning to take off in Australia, being suited to a great outdoor climate and incorporating both teamwork and fun elements that make an awesome sport.

Examples of some of the action

Below is a youtube clip from half of one of Australia's Cali World Games 2013 tournament appearances.

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